Startups and Our Imaginary Businesses

Take a close look in the mirror. Are you starting a business or just playing business? I’ll admit I’ve been guilty of living in startup lala land before.

Playing business

– I need a website
– I need a technical co-founder
– I want to build an app / I need someone to build me an app
– I need to figure out how to do social media
– My app is in beta
– I need to figure out how to do PPC
– I need a blog / I writing a blog and then will sell a book
– I need an email list
– I need to set up an LLC
– I need to talk to a lawyer
– I need to get a patent / trademark
– I need a professional logo
– I need a better brand name
– I need an awesome 5-letter domain name
– I need to get some PR
– I need an online marketer / SEO guy
– I need a growth hacker
– I need funding

Starting a Business

– I’ve made a sale to 3+ people