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This post complements my dream job post. Here is the email I sent to get my dream job in Austin. I’ve inserted brackets with comments to explain the motivations behind each paragraph. Enjoy.

Dear [foo CEO],

My name is Ryan Luedecke and I want to help you grow [foo Company]. I visited your [www.foo] site and was encouraged to see a product that was top rated on Amazon. While the copy writing is a bit uneven and a few sales cues are missing from the product pages, I think your site probably converts fairly well among the die hard [foo]ists niche. Still I think there are some opportunities on those landing pages that I could help you with immediately.

[I’m no slacker. I have already done an analysis of your business. I acknowledge your business’s strengths AND areas of opportunity]

In terms of growing your site traffic, I just spent 9 months working on a small website that grew from only a handful of visitors to 15K+ uniques per month with less than $500 spent on advertising. All of the expansion was driven by blogging twice a week, managing social media, and getting press in high traffic online publications. I built the site up to 3,000+ Facebook followers, 2,000+ Twitter followers, and almost a 1,000 email subscribers. And the thing is, the site wasn’t even that great. It was nowhere near as well designed as [foo.com] and it didn’t have a relevant product to offer to the incoming traffic. I can only imagine the traffic I could have generated if those proper fundamentals were in place.

[I have experience and accomplishments relevant to the job]

You should know that I have also run several successful PPC campaigns on affiliate products to supplement my income. I know how to write campaigns that get clicks and convert to sales. And I know how to test those campaigns to narrow down to the highest ROI possible.

[I won’t blow all your money on marketing. I’m sensitive to the need for positive ROI]

Beyond just building you a larger online presence and driving sales growth, I can help you manage your existing programs and do any research and date management that you need. In addition to my experience in internet marketing, I have a background in market research and statistical analysis which I gained while working as an analyst at Nielsen.

[I’m willing to get my hands dirty in work that’s typically perceived as unpleasant]

While I have skills and experience that I think will help grow your business, I am also eager to learn how you approach it currently. I believe that I have the flexibility and humility to use the best of what’s working while also considering new ideas.

[I’m not cocky. I play well with others]

I should also make it clear that I prefer to be compensated on performance. I have always been a top performer and I thrive in environments where little is guaranteed unless I add substantial value.

[I’ll be an affordable investment. I don’t have a sense of entitlement]

If you think my experiences and demeanor fit the description of someone who could help your business grow, then please send me an email or give me a call.

[Call to action]

Ryan Luedecke

{Attachment: Ryan Luedecke Resume}

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